Work and residence permit

The first crucial step when relocating to Norway is obtaining a valid work- and residence permit / EU Proof of Registration.

We assist in all stages of the process:

  • advising on optimal application procedure
  • collecting and checking necessary documentation
  • submitting application on an assignee’s behalf
  • accompanying the assignee for effectuation

Daily contact with the Directorate of Immigration ensures we are constantly updated on changes in immigration laws and processing practice, guaranteeing all applications are processed as swiftly as possible. Expat Relocation has given user advise to the Directorate of Immigration on a regularly basis since 2005


After obtaining a work permit, registration with Norwegian authorities tax administration is the next critical step. A social security code and a tax card are vital for issues such as receiving a salary, subscribing to broadband, and register in medical services.

Our service includes:

  • pre-filling of paperwork
  • accompanying assignee for submission
  • following up applications within the population registry and tax authorities