Settling In

Following the initial formalities, settling down into life in Norway requires a whole lot more. This service is tailored to fit specific needs on a pick’n’choose basis and our most popular items are listed below.

  • setting up a bank account
  • obtaining a valid driver’s license
  • import of cars and pets
  • health care support / getting a GP
  • tuberculosis control
  • finding suitable schools/ kindergartens
  • language classes
  • local area knowledge
  • child related welfare
  • sports activities


A tour of the assignee’s new city and surroundings, tailored to meet individual needs. The aim is to give an introduction to life in Norway, and can be conducted during a pre-visit or shortly following arrival.

The tour is planned following pre-arrival communication with the assignee, and could include visits to:

  • residential areas / housing options
  • schools/kindergartens
  • sports/religious/cultural facilities
  • shopping areas
  • Weather conditions

Social and Cultural Network

Our Network gives a unique insight into Norwegian culture and society, simultaneously providing a social platform to meet other foreign professionals and their families. Membership entails the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of bi-monthly events and regular theme seminars. Our network events follow Norwegian seasons and traditions, always offering a variety of child-friendly, cultural, historical, and social activities. The Network further provides a point of contact between foreign workers and our relocation team, creating a forum where expats can ask the (many) questions that arise following the initial settling-in phase.

Spouse Support

Following a spouse to Norway is not always easy. Many people are keen to start working, but not sure how to get a job. Our spouse career service provides group seminars and one-to-one counselling on how to successfully enter the Norwegian labour market. Topics covered include the job seeking process, how to write a Norwegian CV/ cover letter, do’s and don’ts in a Norwegian job interview, recruitment consultancies, and employee rights.