Certifications Eura Quality Seal

Expat Relocation is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound by their ethics and rules of conduct. The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility. Further, EuRA enhances industry performance standards by communication and education.

Expat Relocation obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal in 2012.03.20.

Based on an ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPIs that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services. As a member awarded with the EuRA Global Quality Seal, Expat Relocation demonstrates a total commitment to quality.

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Membership NHO

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (in Norwegian Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon; NHO) is Norway’s major organisation for employers and the leading business lobby. Our current membership of 20,000 + companies range from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies in most sectors.

Membership Subsea Valley

Subsea Valley is a driving force in the development of engineering and manufacturing of subsea solutions. A leading technological environment in which the system solutions, products and services characterize the Subsea development worldwide. With 73 per cent of the world market is business cluster participants in the driver’s seat.